Steph Carter

Episode 6 – Stephanie Carter

Published On December 18, 2013 | By jolicker | Uncategorized

Ever thought you had a great idea for a TV show? Stephanie Carter, Powderhouse’s VP of Development, lives and breathes TV show ideas. And she happens to be one of the most upbeat, high energy, curious, passionate, enthusiastic people you’ll ever meet. She literally spends her life pitching and getting pitched. Thousands of pitches every month, in the form of one-liners, two-liners, log-liners, thumnails, one-sheets, sizzle reels, casting reels, demos and pilots. We all constantly pitch her internally, she pitches her team, and we get all pitched by the outside world – in restaurants, taxicabs, anywhere. We’re all looking for that secret sauce in an idea – and we only know it when we hear it. 99.9% of the ideas are non-starters. What makes a good one? And when Steph finds one she thinks might have the potential to actually become a show – thats when the heavy lifting begins. What does it take to keep the TV beast fed?

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